Sitemap – Since 1963 Teevan has been the trusted company that San Francisco homeowners and commercial building managers turn to for leak repairs, seismic upgrades, historical renovations, complex building code issues – the projects that are uniquely San Francisco.

About Us – At Teevan, we specialize in the craft of building relationships. Our clients turn to us for peace of mind, not only for large, complex projects but also the small tasks that make their houses look, run, and last better.

Teevan History – Jim Teevan founded Teevan Painting in 1963, and by 1976 Teevan had painted more than 1000 homes on the Peninsula and gained a following of loyal clients. Today, Ben Ladomirak, along with vice president Mihai Nedelcu and a talented team of artisans, craftspeople, and carpenters, have continued Jim’s tradition of keeping Teevan in its current, unique position as one of the city’s finest building improvement and maintenance specialists.

Teevan Values – As established by Teevan founder, Jim Teevan, these nine guiding principles are a constant reminder of our commitment to our craft, and our responsibility as individuals to honor our company and clients.

Teevan Team – The Teevan team is composed of skilled carpenters, artisans, and craftspeople who all share a committment to providing personal, attentive service and a quality of work that surpasses our clients’ expectations.

About You – Teevan clients are smart about their investments and understand that the lowest bid does not necessarily translate to the highest quality care for their homes and buildings. Our clients know that when they work with Teevan, they can rest easy that they are getting the highest value for their money and a trusted advisor for the care and maintenance of their buildings.

About Teevan and Homeowners – From minor repairs to transformative remodels and re-designs, Teevan can help homeowners protect their biggest investment.

About Teevan and Homeowners Associations (HOAs) – With so many stakeholders, navigating improvments for an HOA can be challenging, to say the least. Teevan has mastered the art of working with HOAs in their pursuits to improve the structures and aesthetics of their multifamily buildings.

About Teevan and Commercial Buildings – Commercial work is distinct from residential projects. Teevan’s expertise in the realms of construction, waterproofing, seismic retrofits, and other tasks – combined with our diligent customer care – means commercial work is done with maximum efficiency and consideration.

About Teevan and Property Managers – Teevan represents a one-stop resource for effectively addressing both complex and simple projects. Along with construction, maintenance, and repair services, our team provides an elevated brand of customer care.

About Teevan and Places of Worship & Non-Profits – Reaching a consensus is often a challenge for committees and boards. Teevan is exceptionally skilled at facilitating the design and construction process and helping the decision makers forge consensus and formulate the most practical, effective, and cost effective strategies.

Teevan Services – Teevan services include solving complex leaks and waterproofing, painting and restoration, construction and remodeling, maintenance and repair, as well as design and development.

Teevan Leaks & Waterproofing Services – Teevan is San Francisco’s unsurpassed expert in water infiltration. Utilizing a skillful blend of building science and instinct borne of experience, we are often able to discover leaks that have gone unsolved or undetected for years.

Teevan Painting & Restoration Services – For the artisans at Teevan, a paint job is  far more than aesthetics. We go beneath the surface and improve the structural fitness of our clients’ properties providing a caliber of interior and exterior painting so high that it becomes an exercise in restoration.

Teevan Construction & Remodeling Services – Every Teevan job is a custom job, because we tailor each project to the needs of our clients. Whether the project is remodeling, design development, small projects, windows and doors, or foundation/seismic upgrades, we are attentive to the details that make the difference between a good and great remodeling experience.

Teevan Maintenance & Repair Services – Following the logic of building science, we maintain and repair our clients’ properties with the utmost dedication and attention to detail.

Teevan Design & Development Services – Rather than give pre-packaged solutions, at Teevan, we take an idea or need and turn it into a fully realized, successful project that meets the individual needs of the client.

Teevan Case Studies – Complete stories and photographic records of some past Teevan projects. Our list of projects continues to grow as we continue our mission to restore and preserve the character and integrity of our city’s unique structures.”

Teevan Photo Galleries – Our photo gallery of past projects completed by Teevan.

Contact Teevan – Every page of our site has our phone number and address in the bottom left, but this page has additional contact information for anyone trying to get in touch with Teevan.

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