Maintenance & Repair


To state the obvious, your house isn’t a car. Your most valuable investment doesn’t come with a manual and it doesn’t have its oil changed every 3000 miles. Maybe it should.

Instead of a manual, Teevan follows the logic of building science. From inside to out and roof to foundation, we maintain and repair our clients’ properties as if they are going to be driven for many thousands of miles. This degree of diligence is something our long-time clients have come to rely on – a type of structural care and service that make the difference between deterioration and durability.


Becoming a Teevan customer can be a little bit like joining a club. We give our elevated brand of customer care to everyone, but a select number of our long-term clients become part of our Teevan Total Care (TTC) program (formerly ASA) – a contract that gives them streamlined, flexible, ongoing access to the service and skills of the Teevan team. Covering everything from small tasks to major renovations, the TTC program is emblematic of the trust and long-term relationships we develop with our clients.


An older gentleman shuffled into a doctor’s office, bent over at the waist and relying heavily upon his wife’s help and support.

Someone in the waiting room asked, “Arthritis with complications?”

The wife shook her head. “Oh no…Do-it-yourself with concrete blocks.

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