Leaks & Waterproofing


Whether moving along simple paths of least resistance or zigzagging through hidden mazes of fissures, water is opportunistic, and it finds a way – especially into the vintage and newer homes of San Francisco that contend with the region’s litany of rain, fog, and seismic shifts.

Even regular painting, gutter cleaning, and roof maintenance are often no match for the determination of water intrusion.

At Teevan, we respect the pure fortitude of water leaks, but that doesn’t mean we throw in the sopping wet towel. We are The City’s unsurpassed expert in water infiltration.


Actually, sometimes they can…if you know how to listen. Utilizing a skillful blend of building science and instinct borne of experience, Teevan is often able to discover leaks that have gone unsolved or undetected for years. Our expertise allows us to identify and repair water infiltration points and water damage that, if left unchecked, can threaten the structural and aesthetic integrity of our clients’ properties.

When people hire forensic architects and roofers to fix their water issues they may pay tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for a guaranteed repair. When our clients ask Teevan to “take a shot at it,” they invest a small fraction of that cost for results that are often equally successful. Such is the quality of trust we have fostered among our clients.

It’s not just building science that makes Teevan unique; it’s our dogged determination to follow and assess leaks where other companies fear to tread. Our services are hard to mimic, even difficult to describe, but the results are unequivocal: by the time Teevan’s work is done, our clients’ homes and businesses are ready to withstand many seasons to come.

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