Remodeling & Construction


Every Teevan job is a custom job, because we tailor each project to the needs of our clients, to the condition of their homes, and to the circumstances of the present.

It is this willingness to adapt, to embrace complexity and the opportunity to improve homes and quality of lives, which makes Teevan unique in our pursuit to provide clients an elevated brand of custom construction and remodeling.


From switching out appliances to complete house designs, Teevan’s signature brand of customer care and home improvement is mixed with a wholistic approach to building science.

Design Development
Our design and project development expertise helps us collaborate either one-on-one with our clients or in partnership with their architects to formulate creative, insightful, and cost-effective remodeling strategies with stunning results.

Small Projects
From deck building to paint touch-ups to new lighting strategies, we’ll help with the smaller projects that can have big impact on the comfort and enjoyment of your home.

Windows and Doors
The punctuation points of great projects, the windows and doors we install for our clients improve both aesthetics and energy use.

Foundations/Seismic Upgrades
Foundational reinforcement, an essential strategy for maintaining a building’s longevity in a quake-prone region like the Bay Area, is challenging. But taking on challenges is our specialty, and Teevan is an expert in the field of seismic improvements.


From the design phase and permit process to the final inspection, we are attentive to the management, coordination, and production details that make the difference between a good and great remodeling experience.

The Teevan team is also keenly aware of our clients’ needs and expectations. During the course of long or short projects, we are committed to making the time an enjoyable process rather than an inconvenience to endure.

This is how our friendships with clients are formed and sustained. This is how good projects become great.

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