Why I love Teevan


Each year Teevan hosts a contest for our clients.  They write in to say why they love Teevan and a winner is chosen.  Here are just a few of the entries so you can see why people love Teevan!

“I love Teevan because calling them is like calling family. They respond promptly and always do a great job. Their heart is in their work and it shows.” – Irene B.

“I love Teevan because of your expertise and personal interest in always performing the highest quality work in the most efficient way possible.” – Barbara L.

“I love Teevan because they treat my house as if it were their own. I trusted them with my home while I was out of the country for a month. They’re great!” – Marti C.

“I love Teevan because cleaned as they worked and the area was so neat you wouldn’t have known they’d been there, except that the job was done!” – Janet D.

“I love Teevan because they are pure quality and honest! Ben and his company always help me make the best decision about the needed work/repairs.” – Whitney B.

“I love Teevan because they solve all sorts of tricky problems and leave our house looking better than before they arrived.” – Kathy C.

“I love Teevan because I never woke up with so many men in our bedroom (house), on a daily basis that I can still meet eyes with – and honestly like.” – Peggy B.

“Ben, I’m sad the project is over! I’m going to miss that stellar crew. My mother would have said every one of them ‘is a nice boy’.” – Millicent S.

“I love Teevan because they always treat us as though we were their very best clients.  I suspect they treat everyone that way!” – Nan R.

“Congratulations to Teevan for completing a challenging project so skillfully and gracefully. Thanks for making my job easy!” – Thomas H., AIA

“I want to congratulate you for assembling such a great team at Teevan. Your firm is a great asset to the design and construction community.” – Christine C., Designer

“Teevan’s great strength is your focus on finding buildable solutions that satisfy my design while considering the owner’s budget and schedule.” – Marshall S., Architect

“Our only regret is that we didn’t call Teevan sooner. The whole process of working with Teevan was incredibly simple and wonderful.” – Chris and Tim

“Ben, I know that you are able to put your head on your pillow at night and rest comfortably, knowing your integrity is second to none.” – Art S.

“We all feel a significant level of trust and comfort in Teevan hands. It’s a pleasure to work with all of you. I have nothing but praise for the entire operation.”  – Ellen F.

“As a non-profit entity, we had budget constraints. Teevan’s entire process was professional & impressive. The final product is outstanding.” – Clay M., Owner’s Agent

“I seriously hope you use us as a referral. We could not be happier with the relationship. I use the term “relationship” because we truly feel that way.”  – Johnny W.

“As we all try to economize, we can get our “good feelings” spending money where we get value added—superb work and we enjoy the experience.”  – Susan M.

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