St. Paul’s

St. Paul's - Full interior shot

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, an 80-year-old community in Burlingame, CA, originally contacted us to paint the stone interior walls of their church. We said no. Why?

1. The building exhibited signs of water infiltration which, if not addressed, would ruin a new paint job and continue to degrade the structure:

St. Paul's - Existing Leaks

2. Cracks in the walls indicated potential seismic/structural problems:

St. Paul's - Structural Cracks

3. The church was approaching restoration as a series of distinct projects that could be planned, managed, and executed independently. We know through experience that because complex restoration has so many interdependent and interconnected moving parts, successful execution requires a unified vision, a comprehensive plan, and someone to hold it all together. Teevan offered a solution to all of these problems as one source.

“The weekly meetings between your team and ours was an important factor in achieving success in every aspect of the project- implementation with a keen eye to aesthetics, budget, and timeline.”


St. Paul's - Fountain

We collaborated with these teams to complete the following:

1. Isolated and repaired roof leaks, eliminating roof replacement

2. Discretely investigated holes to diagnose structural integrity

3. Repaired and cleaned the delicate, 100-year-old stained glass windows

4. Replaced unsightly linoleum in the funeral chapel with hardwood flooring, and refinished floors elsewhere throughout the chapel

5. Organized the Community volunteers to clean and polish the pew wood

6. Sealed the ceiling beams and stiffened the walls; the choir has never sounded better!

7. Our creative use of a hand-applied lime wash technique perfectly mimicked the look of stone block. This procedure was significantly more attractive than painting and also significantly less expensive than a full stone restoration:

St. Paul's - section rendering

St. Paul's - Before & After

“”What led us to Teevan was your reputation for Quality. What we found, in addition, was a dedication on the part of all your people to preserve and recreate the beauty inherent in an eighty-five year old building that badly needed tender loving care. What we have now is a truly special place of worship that enhances our faith.”



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