Jackson Street Residence

The exterior of this San Francisco residence suffered from sandstone degradation, intense and persistent leak issues, and rotting original windows and crumbling gutter systems. While originally intended to be left exposed, previous owners had painted the building in an attempt to slow to decay of the sandstone exterior. Painting the stone had the negative effect of trapping water and moisture in the walls, accelerating the decomposition while concealing the degree of damage.

Jackson St - Before & After

Teevan diagnosed existing sandstone degradation and developed historically complementary yet durable repair options, as well as a plan for sample repairs at the southwest turret. We thoroughly cleaned and stripped the exterior before custom-matching all stone repair materials and ensured that the new repairs bonded securely to the degraded sandstone substrate.

Jackson St. Turret

Stone jambs were in state of disrepair, and we restored them concurrently the windows. Retaining the original curved glass panes meant the utmost care during demo, transportation, new window fabrication and re-installation.

Jackson St - Curved window restoration

Original leader-heads and downspouts were undersized for the roof and full of debris; we installed custom copper gutter and leader-head upgrades, including larger drains, overflow installation, gutter lining and screening from debris.

Jackson St - Roof Gutter

When clogged the downspouts were causing water to cascade down the front façade increasing stone erosion. Water from the front facade was entering the first floor office and second and third floor bedrooms, causing interior damage to original wood paneling, finishes and architectural details.

Jackson St - Copper Drains



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