Teevan Team


The Teevan team is composed of skilled carpenters, artisans, and craftspeople who share a common trait: a commitment to providing personal, attentive service and a quality of work that surpasses our clients’ expectations.

The fulfillment of that promise is what makes Teevan unique. We respect and trust our clients, and we are proud that they feel the same way about us. This mutual respect and communication are essential to the success of our projects and our company.


Nick Beckman

“I come from a family in construction and am excited to now be a member of the Teevan family. I live with my beautiful wife in San Francisco. We both love the Giants and 49ers. When not cheering on our favorite teams, we love to travel as much as possible, or just head out for a nice local hike.”

Susan Clark

“I’m a California native and long-time San Francisco resident. A classically trained vocalist raised on records like Johnny Cash: Live at Folsom Prison and the radio. I’m a photographer, an avid gardener & cook. When not at Teevan you might find me in Anderson Valley harvesting olives or playing Jazz & traditional country music.”

Saul Fernandez

“Born in El Salvador, I’m very happy to be a Teevan team member. I enjoy going to restaurants, playing poker, dancing, and spending time with my family.”

Sandra Gaska

“I am a professionally trained designer who believes that design is the place where builders and artists unite. When I am not at Teevan, I hang out with my husband of 22 years, Randy. I also enjoy my volunteer work with the exiled Tibetan community. I love animals, books, and am addicted to Smarties.”

Isaias Hernandez

“I came to the United States in 1998 and joined the Teevan team in 2005. I enjoy chilling with my family on the weekends, visiting local parks, going out to dinner, and seeing movies.”

Javier Hernandez

“I am from El Salvador and a very proud member of the Teevan team. I enjoy exploring the region with my family and riding jet skis at the local lakes. I’m interested in drawing and art, but my inspirations are my daughter Veronica Elizabet and my wife Veronica Martinez. They are the light that illuminates my way.”

Ernesto Herrera

“Originally from El Salvador, I am a carpenter who has been part of the Teevan family since 2007. When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my family, exploring the Bay Area’s beautiful parks and beaches, and riding my dirt bike in the hills.”

Ben Ladomirak

“I love being a dad, a husband, a mentor and a creative problem solver. It was my grandfather’s stories of working on the Empire State Building that inspired my lifelong passion for construction, and I paid for Yale by working in the industry. After following Jesse to California, I met Jim Teevan and took a “temporary” position. In 2002, when Jim knew he would not survive his illness, he asked me to take over leadership of the company. Jesse joined me in 2003, and working together is a dream come true.”

Jesse Ladomirak

“I have been part of the Teevan team since Ben and I succeeded Jim Teevan as owners in 2003. I love to run, swim, write, and read. Above all, I love being a mother. We have 4 kids who makes us laugh frequently and heartily.”

Phil Magnetti

“I enjoy most being a dad and spending time with my wife, Shona, and our two grown sons. Shona and I like to start the day be hiking several miles with our two dogs. We enjoy museums, art, history, and we look forward to traveling in Europe. I also love to cook, thanks to what I learned from several generations of my family. I make a point of learning new things every day.”

Luis Marquez

“I was born is a very small village in Jalisco, Mexico. At the age of 15, I immigrated to this great nation in search of a better life. I have been a San Francisco resident since 1982 and part of the Teevan Family since 1999. In 1992 I married a wonderful woman named Maria, with whom I have three teenaged girls. When I’m not at Teevan, I can be found in the Hollister Hills riding ATVs with my family, or taking a vacation somewhere in Mexico.”

Mihai Nedelcu

“I was born in Romania, in a little town by the Danube River called Tulcea. After studying electronics in Bucharest, I moved to America in 1991 to fulfill my dream of creating a better life for myself and my children. I’m proud to be a member of the Teevan Family since 1994, with whom I’ve learned to build success with passion and love. I define that success with a single word: Trust.”

Peter Read

“I was born in San Francisco, grew up in Elko Nevada, and 15 years ago “came home”. As a young lad, I found great pleasure in finding out how things work, and if they were broken, how to fix them. Today at the age of __, I have the pleasure of doing the same for others.”

Hector Rivera

“Originally from Jalisco, Mexico, I am proud to be a carpenter and a member of the Teevan Family. I enjoy fishing the waterways of the Bay Area and spending as much time as possible with my three beautiful kids, Adrian, Alondra, and Leonardo.”

Jose Luis Ontiveros

“I’m from Mazatlan in Sinaloa, Mexico. I have been living in the US, since late 80’s. I lived in Los Angeles, in the 90’s, in early 2000’s moved to the Bay Area, and I been living in the Bay Area since, I joined the Teevan in 2013, and I’m proud to be part of the Teevan team. During my time off, I like to go fishing around the Bay Area with my friends.”

Jaime Cortez

“I was born in Nicaragua and I have been a part of the Teevan team since 2015. I like working in painting. When I’m not working, like to hanging out with my family and friends. I like to watch my kids play soccer on the weekends. I also like to travel back home to Nicaragua often to see my family.”

Jose Rolando Duran

“I’m Salvadorian, moved to the United States 17 years ago. I’m a painter proudly member of the Teevan team since 2015. In my free time I love going to the gym, am a fan of the San Francisco Giants, and love going to the beach on a sunny day with my family.”



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