Our Values


Jim Teevan carried a certain folded piece of paper in his wallet for more than 30 years. It was the page on which he had first typed the guiding principles of his new company.

Today that original document hangs on our office wall as a living reminder of our business values, commitment to our craft, and responsibility as individuals to honor our company and clients.


Customer Satisfaction
Achieving a level of satisfaction among our customers that results in their long range support and enthusiastic referrals.

Quality Workmanship
Consistently providing a level of job quality desired by our customers and meeting our own critical standards of excellence.

Economic Responsiveness
Maintaining a dynamic company that is creative in its response to changes in the market place.

Architectural Beauty
Contributing significantly to the beauty and appeal of San Francisco’s architecture.

Honesty and Forthrightness
Dealing honestly and forthrightly with clients, employees, suppliers, and the community.

Employee Opportunity
Providing an opportunity for all employees to achieve a level of responsibility and recognition earned through their contribution to the company and its goals.

Employee Involvement
Maintaining an entrepreneurial environment throughout the organization, such that individuals personally identify themselves as an integral part of the company.

Encouraging a warm, supportive work environment so we may foster a sense of teamwork among all employees.

Achieving a reasonable and fair profit as a reward for the quality of our performance.

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