About Us


Teevan’s success is built on our unique range of skills and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Trust is the foundation of those relationships and of our company. We are a team of skilled carpenters and remodelers, exceptional exterior and interior painters, and San Francisco’s leading experts in leak detection, prevention, and waterproofing. We are wizards of building science and your partner in the restoration and preservation of your home and property.

Teevan expertly handles the special challenges associated with home maintenance in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, like water intrusion and seismic movement, historical preservation and architectural renovation, even neighborhood and municipal disputes. We’re known as the team that takes on the big and small complex projects that other contractors are often unwilling or unable to handle. We are extremely proud of the skill, creativity, and integrity of our team members, who are the reason we consistently exceed the expectations or our clients.

With trust as the mortar, these friendships endure for years. Our clients know they can call on Teevan when it is time to repair, refresh, and restore their homes. They call us to take care of little maintenance tasks, and they entrust us to make significant, lasting changes with our custom construction approach. In short, they have faith in us, as we do in them.

By successfully completing complex projects from which other contractors shy away, by transforming the unpredictability of home improvement and protection into the science of agile thinking and deftly applied skills, the Teevan team has gained the confidence to say
Rest easy. We’ve got it.


To understand building science you have to look beneath the surface. To practice building science in San Francisco you need to know how a structure moves over time, how it settles, cracks, chips, weathers, and ages. But also, how it can be renewed, restored, and improved.

This is a complicated undertaking, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, we thrive on challenges. They test our agility and ability to generate elegant solutions to the complex problems that so often arise during the course of projects.

The truth is, repair, restoration, and remodeling are not exact sciences; rarely is there one “correct” answer to what a building needs.

Finding and executing effective solutions requires far more than choosing from among a closed set of pre-determined answers. It requires craftspeople who can exercise critical thinking and creative innovation at every turn. At Teevan, we apply this level of experienced, reasoned judgment and innovation – the art of building science – to everything we do.

In the process, we have carved a special niche for ourselves. We are the company that takes on jobs that make other remodelers scratch their heads – the leak repairs, seismic upgrades, historical renovations, complex building code issues – the projects that are uniquely San Francisco.

We are also the company that our clients turn to for peace of mind, not only for large, complex projects but also the small tasks that make their houses look, run, and last better.


At Teevan, we specialize in the craft of building relationships. We navigate the variables and dynamics of family schedules, setting and delivering expectations, home owner associations, neighbors, and building and planning committees. We make promises and then keep them, see red flags before they flap in the bay breeze, and tame lions that would otherwise shred a project to bits.

Our production team consists of some the city’s finest carpenters, remodelers, and painters, but we also have people whose sole job it is to make sure that, while our builders build, our clients remain informed, comfortable, and hassle-free. Client satisfaction is not enough for us. Our goal is raving fans; anything less means we have not successfully delivered the product and experience you deserve.

The majority of our projects are with past clients. New clients find us through referrals or in their searches for specialty services like water mitigation and architectural restoration.

Rarely do we participate in competitive bidding, a system that incentivizes contractors to diagnose the cheapest, rather than most effective, solution. Cutting corners leads to compromised fixes. Instead, we collaborate with our clients to develop realistic projects that fit their scope, schedule, and budget.


Our clients turn to us because we are one company that can assist with all aspects of homeimprovement, like remodeling and custom construction, painting and restoration, and leak detection and waterproofing. They turn to us because of the skill, creativity, and integrity of our team members, the caliber of our work, and the values with which we conduct our business.

Above all, they turn to us because in the process of completing projects together – as we successfully solve a mystery leak or city regulations or difficult neighbors or multiple home owners or a big vision with a small budget – we also build friendships. In short, we win our clients’ trust. Keeping that trust becomes our distinct pleasure, privilege, and highest priority.


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